What kind of makeup products do you use?

All products used ensure high quality and longevity, water-proof durability, hypoallergenic, and HD qualities. If you have severe allergies to certain type of makeup, ingredients and/or brands, please notify your artist before the appointment.


Makeup Forever

MAC Cosmetics



Anastasia Beverly Hills


Urban Decay

Too Faced





and more...


Where are you based out in?

We are located in Hacienda Heights, CA and we offer to travel for on-location services as well as destination weddings/events.


Do you provide airbrush makeup? 

Yes, we use Temptu Pro airbrushing system with customized colors to match every skin tone. Airbrush makeup is natural-looking, flawless, light-weight, buildable from sheer to full coverage, cover blemishes or hide imperfections without the cakey-look, has a built-in primer for results that last all day, and very hygenic since nothing ever touches your face but the makeup.

**We highly recommend airbrushing if you are very acne prone with a lot of blemishes to cover up.**


Would you recommend getting eyelash extensions? Will you provide false eyelashes? 

It is not necessary to spend extra money on eyelash extensions since false eyelashes are already included in the makeup application. Unless you prefer having eyelash extensions instead of false eyelashes, that is not a problem. We recommend getting the eyelash extensions 2-3 days before the event so you can avoid fall-outs. Strip and individual eyelashes are both available. If you prefer having individual eyelashes instead of strips, please notify us before your appointment since we want to keep a mental note that the individuals will consume little more time to apply. 


Do you work with hair extensions? 

Yes, we work with glued, sewed, clip-ins, and even hair pieces for elderly women who are thinning for hair loss. If you are debating to get professional or clip-in extensions for your event, we recommend getting clip-ins instead to save the extra money for salon services. If you need recommendations on where or if you need to purchase clip-in extensions for the hair style you hope to achieve, please contact us for more information.


Do you provide eyebrow grooming? 

Yes, eyebrow grooming is included with the makeup application. We use eyebrow razors to shape brows and eyebrow scissors to trim excess hair that is too long/thick. If you prefer to go to your normal threading/waxing salon to get your eyebrows groomed, that works for us too.


What is included in the touch-up kit? 

The touch-up kit includes a container of customized lip color and gloss, lip applicator, q-tips, bobbi-pins, and oil-blotting sheets. The touch-up kit is complimentary for brides but could be separately purchased if needed.


Do you recommend getting a haircut, hair dyed, or facial before the event? 

We normally would not recommend getting any haircuts before your appointment since some hair styles requires max amount of length to achieve the most accurate look. Unless you have too much hair that needs to be thinned out, please consult artist before doing so. Hair-dying and/or low/highlights could be good for your hair to accentuate different dimensions to your hair style. If you wish to get a facial before your appointment, try to get it 1 week before the appointment so your skin has sometime to heal and renew fresh skin cells. 


What is a trial session and is it necessary? 

A trial is a two hour consultation where you will meet your day-of-event artist and be able to see the the hair and makeup applied on you as if it was the actual day-of-event. It is not necessary to have a trial if you feel confident in your artist to perform the look you have your mind set on. However, we would highly recommend our brides to go through with a trial so that they can be confident knowing exactly how they would look on their wedding day. A trial allows you to be able to test and make changes to customize a look that you will be happy with. It will be beneficial for both you and the artist so both will not have to stress about time when figuring out the right look on the wedding day. A trial will also give you an idea to see how long the makeup/hair will last and from there you can decide if any changes need to made on the day-of wedding.
**We highly recommend you to be open-minded, ask questions and make changes if needed at the trial. Your artist is there to perfect any requests you may have. Our goal is for you to leave with confidence in your look as well as your artist to deliver and perform successfully.**


Would I be able to combine my trial session with engagement session?

We normally would not recommend combining your trial with engagement. Unless you plan on having your engagement photos to have the same hair and makeup look as your wedding day photos, you could do so. Most brides keep their engagement look more casual and the wedding day more extravagant.


What forms of payment do you accept?

We prefer cash and/or checks payments. Credit card payments are also acceptable but there will be an additional 3% transaction fee (in-person swipe) or 4% + 15¢ (manual entered) transaction fee. Please note that balances do not include gratuity for your artist(s) and this could be included in forms of cash/check/credit.

 * Special Client Request from Jackie Su Makeup & Hair Artistry * 
We ask of our clients to be honest with the type of event for hair and makeup services. Please understand that wedding-related services can be higher in
cost since we cater more time and effort for brides. Jackie Su Makeup & Hair Artistry has the right to refuse services to clients who are dishonest. 
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