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Please feel free to reach out if you do not see your question(s) listed here.  Available by phone, text and email.

How much do you charge for your services?

Please reach out by submitting an inquiry form via the Contact page to receive a quote for your event services.  Please keep in mind that our rates are constantly changing on a bi-annual/annual basis.  The best way to secure the most current rate (before price increases) is to book as soon as possible.

What kind of makeup products do you use?

I use products that range from luxury to prestige and even drugstore brands.  All products used ensure high quality, longevity, and are hypoallergenic.  If you have severe allergies to certain types of ingredient(s) and/or brand(s), please notify me before the appointment.  


Makeup Forever, Charolette Tilbury, Danessa Myricks, Anastasia Beverly Hills, Laura Mercier, CoverFX, Temptu, Glossier, Fenty, Tarte, RCMA, Lancome, Dior, Becca, Ilia, Benefit, Urban Decay, Bobbi Brown, Marc Jacobs, NARS, Too Faced, Colourpop, Viseart, Skindinavia, Loreal, Ardell, Morphe, Sephora, MAC, Stila, KVD Vegan, and more.

Do you provide airbrush makeup? 

I use Temptu Pro airbrushing system with customized colors to match every skin tone.  Airbrush makeup is natural-looking, flawless, light-weight, buildable from sheer to full coverage, cover blemishes or hide imperfections without the cakey-look, has a built-in primer for results that last all day, and very hygienic since nothing but the makeup ever touches your face.  I do not recommend airbrush for mature skin, dehydrated skin, or skin with large pores and noticeable textures.

Where are you based out and do you travel?

My home studio is located in Hacienda Heights, CA and I offer to travel for on-location services as well as destination weddings/events.  Travel fee will apply for any on-location services.

I have a large bridal party that needs hair & makeup services.  Will you be able to accommodate everyone?

Yes!  I have a group of talented, reliable and friendly artists & stylists that has been assisting me for 6+ years.

How early do we need to start getting ready?

The starting time would depend on what time your event (wedding ceremony) starts, if you are taking any pre-ceremony photos (first look and/or getting ready), and the total services you wish to book for the day-of.  If you wish to see a more detailed timeline of how that would look like, please reach out to me and I would be happy to send that over to you!

Would you recommend getting eyelash extensions or will you provide false eyelashes? 

I recommend not spending extra on getting eyelash extensions done since the makeup service already include eyelash application for strip and/or individuals.  Eyelash extensions tend to get dirty during makeup application with powder/cream products applied near the eye area.  If you prefer to have eyelash extensions for your wedding and afterwards (honeymoon), I don't mind working around them, but please be open to having a light coat of mascara (waterproof of course) applied to your natural and extensions for cleaning up the excess product.  If you plan on getting eyelash extensions, try getting it done 2-3 days before the event to avoid fall-outs.

Do you work with hair extensions? 

Additional fee will apply if you wish to have clip-in extensions styled.  If you are debating to get hair extensions done professionally for your event, I recommend purchasing clip-ins instead to save the extra cost for salon services (plus you can continue to use them afterwards).  If you plan on touching-up/coloring your hair, please do so after you have purchased the correct color clip-in extensions so you can bring them to your colorist to get the exact match.  If you need recommendations on where or if you need to purchase clip-in extensions for the hair style you hope to achieve, I would gladly give you recommendations.

Do you provide eyebrow grooming? 

Yes, eyebrow grooming is included with the makeup application.  Eyebrow razors are used to shape brows and eyebrow scissors are used to trim excess hair that are too long.  If you prefer to go to your normal threading/waxing salon to get your eyebrows groomed, that works too.

Do you recommend getting a haircut, hair colored, or facial before the event? 

Normally, I would not recommend getting a haircut/trim before your appointment since some hairstyles require max amount of length to achieve the most accurate look.  Unless you have very thick hair that needs to be thinned out, please consult with me before doing so.  Hair coloring could be good for your hair to bring a dimensional look to your hairstyle.  If you wish to get a facial before your appointment, try to get it done at least a few days to 1 week before the appointment (depending on how your skin reacts) so your skin has some time to heal and renew as a fresh and smooth canvas -- ready for an even more flawless makeup application!

Do you stay for touch-ups? 

Unfortunately, the bridal package does not include touch-ups since I strongly believe that the hair & makeup should hold for the entire day and night until it's removed.  The only touch-up you will need is mainly the lips, which will be included in the touch-up kit provided for the bride as part of the bridal package.  However, touch-up services are available for an additional charge that includes unlimited touch-ups and look-changes (for hair and/or makeup).

What is included in the bridal touch-up kit? 

The touch-up kit includes a small sample of the lip color and/or gloss used for your makeup look, a lip applicator, q-tips, bobbi-pins, and oil-blotting sheets (for the oily skin type).  The touch-up kit is complimentary for brides but could be separately purchased if needed.

What is a trial session and is it necessary? 

A trial is a 2-2.5 hour consultation where you will meet your day-of-event artist and be able to see the complete hair and/or makeup look(s) applied on you as if it was the actual day-of-event.  It is not necessary to have a trial if you feel confident in your artist to perform the look that you have your mind set on.  However, we would highly recommend our brides to go through a trial so that they can be confident knowing exactly how they would look and feel on their wedding day.


A trial allows you to be able to test and make changes to customize a look that you will be happy with.  It will be beneficial for both you and your artist, so both will not have to stress about consuming extra time when figuring out the right look on the wedding day.  A trial will also give you an idea to see how long the makeup and/or hair will last throughout the day and night, and from there, you can decide if any changes need to be made on the wedding day.

We highly recommend you to ask questions, be open-minded to suggestions, but also be honest with yourself and your artist if you wish to make changes during the trial.  Don't be afraid to speak up during this time, as we do not want you to leave with any regrets.  Our goal is for you to leave with confidence in your look and feeling like the best version of yourself!

Would I be able to combine my trial session with engagement session?

Yes! If you plan on having your trial session done on the same day as your engagement session (photoshoot), the makeup would more or less look the same, and you would be able to try out 2 different hairstyles (one for the trial/wedding day, and one for the engagement photos).  Doing the 2 sessions on the same day is beneficial since you will be able to see how the makeup and/or hair photographs professionally prior to the wedding day.  If you want to make adjustments to your makeup and/or hair after seeing the professional photos, we can make those changes on the day-of the wedding without a trial if you feel confident enough in your artist to deliver.

Can I use the Special Event rate for my small ceremony/court wedding/ reception only event? 
Unfortunately, no.  We kindly ask you to be honest with the type of event when inquiring for hair and/or makeup services.  Please understand that bridal services can be more costly since we cater more time, effort and attention to detail for our brides.  Jackie Su Artistry has the right to refuse services to clients who are dishonest.
What forms of payment do you accept?

I accept payment in form(s) of cash, check, Venmo, Paypal and Zelle (Chase).  Please note that balances do not include gratuity for your artist(s).  The amount of gratuity will be based on your satisfaction with the overall performance of the services.  It is not required to pay gratuity, but it would be appreciated knowing that you were pleased with the services provided.

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